The EnerGcare product brand was developed by Restio Energy, a South African energy firm with more than 15 years’ experience in the sector – having worked with the World Bank, United Nations, the South African government, local municipalities, donor organisations as well as the private sector.

Restio Energy has sold more than 15 000 renewable and efficient energy products into the South African market

Working with international organisations such as the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, the World Bank’s Lighting Africa program as well as the Global Off-grid Lighting Association, we ensure that our products conform to the highest international quality standards.

All of our products carry a minimum of 12 months’ manufacturers’ warranty.


The Market

The South African consumer is ready for and in need of accessible, high quality renewable and efficient energy solutions.

Rising energy costs:

  • Electricity tariffs having increased by more than 20% per year since 2008.
  • Paraffin and LPG prices are increasing due to oil price.

Energy poverty

  • More than 3,4 million households have no access to electricity.
  • Others have no option but to continue using dangerous, polluting energy sources such as paraffin and open fires.


  • Threat of imminent blackouts a daily reality that needs to be prepared for.

Outdoor & Camping

  • South Africa is home to a massive outdoor activities and sports market (mountain-biking, hiking, camping, running, etc.)
  • Constantly on the lookout for better & smarter energy technologies.

Climate change

  • Top of the global agenda
  • Consumers are looking for ways to reduce their own ‘environmental footprint’.

The EnerGcare Offer